Welcome to our clinic

Welcome to our fantastic pregancy scan centre based in pontefract. We provide the highest quality baby scans for our local area including Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster and Wakefield. We offer a huge variety of scans at all stages of your pregnancy and through our extremely proffessional and sophisticated service we are able to create amazing memories and experiances. If your in early pregnancy you may feel the need for reassurance scan just to check everything is progressing ok, you may have had a previous miscarrage and need that extra bit of comfort. We can also provide gender confirmation from 16 weeks with our sexing scans. 3D and 4D scans provide amazing bonding experiances and really make your pregnancy special. due to our staff being highly qualiified and experianced we also offer a full range of dignostic scans. We truly are your Ultrasound experts. If you have any questions or require any information feel free to get in touch with our local friendly team.